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darwins_hide's Journal

Charles Darwin
17 April 1988
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Please Note

Charles Darwin has not yet, or perhaps never will, discover the theory of evolution, for he is simply the creation of a grown man's story and a little girl's imagination.
About Darwin
He is a young British naturalist who loves all living things - creatures, plants, anything alive. He wears a large (faux fur) red coat, a white outfit (including white suspenders), large black boots and a black bowlers hat. He carries a large bag around which contains his research, his art materials, and his best friend and companion, the shy but brilliant monkey, Wallace. He also carries a little box which contains his most favorite and most important things: pens, a poisonous map, and some insects.
About Wallace
Wallace is shy and very brilliant indeed. It might be mentioned that Darwin rarely has theories of his own, and the only ones he comes up with conveniently came from Wallace himself.

Wallace and Darwin have a relationship very similar to a married couple. A five year olds perspective of a married couple, that is.
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from The Fall by Tarsem. Not intended to claim to be the original Darwin. This one is entirely or mostly fictional.